dancemetolife (dancemetolife) wrote in love_lucas,

ok so you guys are probly going to hate me for this because its not lucas related at all but if you do then you can just delete this or not help me
but plese dont hate me to much

but really need some help
so i thought maybe you guys might help me out
since we all love lucas and their are probly some RENT fans!!

Im entered in this contest
that if i win i get to audition for
RENT on broadway!!

this is a once in a lifetime chance
and whoever in the top 3 with the most votes wins
and gets to audition in New York

i dont have a huge oganization behind me to give me the number of votes i would need like alot of the other poeple in the contest do

so all im asking is if you would VOTE for Me PLEASE

just go to this website
and vote for me
my name is Allyson Elliott

thank you so much
im sorry for taking up your time
and if you think i suck
than thats ok and you dont have to vote
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