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"Halloweentown High" Screen Captures

So I was watching the dreadful "Halloweentown High" (for Lucas of course) and I decided to make some screen captures of it. I uploaded it to a sendspace file if anyone wants it. There should be around 150 pictures on it (Some are of Olesya Rulin cuz I love her too) Oh, and don't worry about crediting, use it to make icons, banners, etc, i don't really care. If you make any good ones though, let me know!


hxxp:// [Remove the x's when copying the link]
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I've only seen it once and it was for him, too! I must prefer Return to Halloweentown if I have to watch the sequels. He's a bit better looking in that one too. :D Thanks for the caps!
I meant "I must say" instead of "I must." Darn me and my inability to type!
haha no problem...I really wanna see Return to Halloween town (again, only for him haha). I think he looks wayy cute in HH though...aww young lukey..haha
Oh, I'm not denying his cuteness in HH, I'm just saying he's cuter in Return to Haloweentown. His part is also a bit bigger and there are no cowboy outfits involved. ;)
aww i loved the cowboy outfit! it was soo cute! haha.
ps i added you cuz im bored with my current flist. you can add me back if you want haha, no pressure
When I saw him in that costume I couldn't stop laughing! It was too much. :D

I will of course add you back! New friends are always appreciated and I figure anyone who is a member of this group is a friend!
thanks for these!
i will be making icons with these pics.
yay! Hey, if you're feeling creative, can you make one w/ lucas in the cowboy costume?? thanks!
definetly :]


May 16 2009, 18:15:31 UTC 7 years ago

I was wondering if there was any chance that you could upload these files again?
Please, please, PLEASE???
I would reeeeeeally LOVE to get these caps.
... please??